Spiced Salmon Tacos with Mint-Cucumber Dressing Recipe

Making the switch to a healthier lifestyle is almost always synonymous with home cooking. You get full control of what goes in your body, and you have the freedom to choose only the best and freshest ingredients to serve yourself and your family. You can also play with different flavors and spices, and do away

3 Easy Hacks to Keep Food Fresher for Longer

You do your weekly grocery shopping hoping that the fresh produce you purchased would last for a week—and they actually could so long as they are stored properly in the right conditions. It makes an incredibly huge difference when you have a reliable refrigerator that can do a great job at preserving your food. Complement

Here’s Why the Food in Your Fridge Easily Spoils

There are several factors that can be attributed to rapid food spoilage. It could be that the different types of produce weren’t stored correctly or that the ethylene gas naturally emitted by food speeds up the ripening process. Temperature imbalance can also allow bacteria to grow, causing food to develop uncharacteristic odor or color. But

Reduce Food Waste in 5 Simple Ways

Did you know that the average household throws out more than 500 pounds of food annually? That’s a lot of food that just goes into waste when you don’t shop smart and come up with practical and equally clever ways to consume each and every item in your refrigerator. Ultimately, this effort to reduce food

What is Ethylene Gas, and How Does it Affect Food Spoilage?

Have you ever heard of ethylene gas? It’s high time you do, because it’s closer to all of us than we can imagine. While studies have shown that it’s not particularly harmful to human health, what it directly affects is the food we consume. Ethylene gas is basically a natural plant hormone released in the