Your Health is a Top Priority with Sub-Zero’s Precise Temperature Control

On many occasions, you acquire a week’s worth of fresh produce hoping to save time and money, only to find it brown and wilted in the coming days. When you buy fresh food, you would want to lengthen their lifespan as much as possible, which is what Sub-Zero expertly does for you.

Sub-Zero vastly outperforms standard refrigeration in maintaining consistent temperature. Food spoils easily when exposed to fluctuating temperatures, and a standard refrigerator will warm up over the course of the day and when cooling begins, temperatures will drop far below the set point, exposing food to dramatic temperature swings hurting food’s freshness. They are also prone to inconsistent temperatures because standard refrigerators only allow a low-med-high or 1-2-3 setting.

Sub-Zero allows you to set the exact temperature you need for the refrigerator and freezer, with its microprocessor maintaining the interior temperature of your unit within one degree of what you set, while a patented door seal system locks in cold air. This ensures that your food is kept in stable and precise temperatures and environments, helping it last fresher for a longer period of time.

Fresh food may be a bit costly, but it’s definitely worth the investment because of all its health benefits. Let Sub-Zero take care of that investment and help you achieve a well-lived life, starting with the food you eat.

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