For a household that consumes a lot of vegetables, nothing is more frustrating than having to toss out rotten veggies just mere days after they had been purchased in the supermarket or grocery. Imagine having to plan your family’s weekly menu with these fresh produce as key ingredients, only to be disappointed when you couldn’t use them anymore because they had gone bad. Did you not eat them fast enough? Or, could they have been stored better? It’s definitely the latter.

Changes in your refrigerator’s internal temperature can affect the quality of the food stored in it, increasing the likelihood of spoilage. One of the reasons why temperature typically fluctuates is frequent door opening which is, of course, unavoidable. Considering what will benefit you in the long run, you have to invest wisely on a refrigerator that delivers superb quality without compromise.

The basic logic behind having a refrigerator is to store and preserve food in a cold environment, but how cold is cold? Food preservation specialist Sub-Zero sets the ideal temperature at 3 degrees Celcius (for the refrigerator) and keeps it at that.

For standard refrigerators, this temperature can gradually go up from 5 degrees to 7 degrees, or drop anywhere from 0.55 to -1 degree Celcius over the course of the day. Exposing food to such dramatic temperature swings affects their freshness. Remember, consistent storage temperature means longer life for your food. These refrigerators, however, don’t have the capacity to precisely set the temperature because their control setting is only limited to a range of “Low-Med-High” or “1-2-3.”

With Sub-Zero’s micro-processor controlled system, the crucial element of consistency is easily addressed, because this advanced feature maintains the interior temperature precise at all times. The micro-processor makes it possible to keep temperatures within 1 degree of set point through normal use. With a Sub-Zero, you can set it at exactly 3 degrees Celcius for the refrigerator and -18 degrees Celcius for the freezer. As a welcome addition to Sub-Zero’s features, its units are also designed with an advanced patented magnetic door seal system that locks in the cold air.

With Sub-Zero, you can set the exact temperature you want for your freezer and refrigerator

It cannot be emphasized enough how fresh food benefits our bodies in more ways than one. With the attempt to eat clean and healthy, it just follows that we also make sure our food is stored properly at optimum preservation conditions so they stay fresh longer. As what Sub-Zero’s ongoing campaign highlights, “fresh food matters.” The brand aims to draw attention to the topic of “fresh food” through stories that show the powerful impact it has on our bodies (wellness), our senses (taste), and our society (ecology). At the end of the day, making the most of your fresh produce all boils down to that conscious effort of slowing down food spoilage by creating for them an environment with consistent temperature—what a huge difference this simple solution does make!

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