Have you ever heard of ethylene gas? It’s high time you do, because it’s closer to all of us than we can imagine. While studies have shown that it’s not particularly harmful to human health, what it directly affects is the food we consume.

Ethylene gas is basically a natural plant hormone released in the form of hydrocarbon gas. It controls the growth and development of fruits and vegetables, and influences their ripening. It’s what causes changes in their color, texture, and hardness/softness.

When a fruit is not handled carefully and bruised in the process of transporting it to the market then to a consumer’s home, placing it alongside other fruits or vegetables will accelerate their ripening or even cause plants to die as they trigger cell degeneration. When you do want to speed up the ripening of an unripe fruit, try putting it inside a paper bag or any container and you’ll notice it mature faster because the ethylene has been concentrated.

On one hand, fruits that produce a high amount of ethylene are apples and avocados, as well as mangoes, pears, and tomatoes. On the other hand, fruits that are sensitive to ethylene and shouldn’t be placed near the abovementioned items include broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, and eggplant.

Ethylene-producing food

Without mindful consideration of how these fresh produce can affect one another, food spoilage will not be manageable and result to increase in food waste. With proper knowledge, you can find ways for these fruits and vegetables to coexist and be maximized.

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Now, with a Sub-Zero ref, coupled with proper storage solutions, you need not worry about one bad apple spoiling the bunch.

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